Disable Pointer / Clicking on Open Accordion Module Toggles

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The default behavior of the Divi Theme's accordion module is to start with one toggle open and the rest closed. Then clicking on a closed toggle opens it and closes the originally open one. One thing you might notice is that, despite clicking on the open toggle having no effect, the mouse cursor changes to the "hand" pointer icon. This might be confusing to users who take this icon as a sign that something will happen when the element under the mouse is clicked. Here's how to prevent the "hand" pointer from showing on open toggles.

Disabling Clicking on Open Accordion Titles

You can suppress the change in mouse cursor by using the following CSS to disable clicking on open accordion titles:

.et_pb_accordion .et_pb_toggle_open .et_pb_toggle_title { 
    pointer-events: none;
This will apply to open accordion toggles wherever the CSS is applied. It won't affect toggles when in the closed state, so you will still be able to click them to open them. Note that if you do so, the original open toggle will still be closed – the code above doesn't force the toggles to stay open.

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