Hide the Divi Header Navigation Links

To hide the navigation links (including the search icon) in the Divi Theme's header, you can add the following CSS:

/* === Start: Hide the Divi Header Navigation Links === */
/* src: https://divibooster.com/hide-the-divi-header-navigation-links/ */

/* Hide the header navigation links */
#et-top-navigation { 
    visibility: hidden; 
/* Don't hide the centered inline logo */
#et-top-navigation .centered-inline-logo-wrap {
    visibility: visible;

/* === End: Hide the Divi Header Navigation Links === */

This is available in Divi Booster under “Deprecated > Divi 2.3 > Hide header links and search”. Note that it’s in the “Deprecated” section as it’s now possible to achieve the same effect within Divi itself. To do so, you can hide the search icon through the customizer and remove all items from the menu. But the Divi Booster feature still works and you may wish to use it if you find it more convenient.

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  1. Searched for ever for this! Thank you very much. You saved me hours of trying to figure this out on my own. I wish I could have found this yesterday :)

    • You're very welcome, Kelly. Glad it helped :)


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