Ever wish you could click anywhere on your Divi Builder Slider module and be taken to the post, rather than having to click on the button. Now you can…

Method #1: Using Divi Booster – New Way

As of Divi Booster 2.3.9, there is a convenient option to add a Background Link URL to in the slider module's slide settings. This makes the slide background into a clickable link, and turns the cursor into a pointer when the user hovers over the slide background.

When Divi Booster is activated, you'll find the setting in the settings for your side, as shown:

This improves on the older method (below) in that you don't need to have a button on your slide.

Method #2: Using jQuery – Old Way

The following jQuery grabs the post URL from the slide button and sends you there when you click anywhere on the slider:

A couple of things are worth noting:

  • This will only make the slide background clickable on slides which have a slide button – as it gets the URL to link to from this button. To add a button to a slide, set the Button Text and Button URL in the Slide Settings.
  • Other links in the slider (category, author name, etc) still remain clickable. When the user hovers over these links the pointer will change to a cursor. Everywhere else will, if clicked, lead to the linked URL.

Method #3: Using Divi Booster – Old Way

A one-click implementation of the above method has been available since Divi Booster 2.0.1, under "Modules > Slider". It's still available if you need it. However, I'd recommend using the new Background Link URL option Divi Booster adds to the Slide Settings of individual slides as of Divi Booster 2.3.9.