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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Change the Divi Project Post Type Name and Slug

Divi includes a "Project" Custom Post Type (CPT) which can be used to create projects for display in the Divi portfolio module and Divi filterable portfolio module. If you'd like to change the name / slug of the project post type to something else, there are several...

Make an Image Trigger a Divi Show / HIde Button

Divi Show / Hide Button lets you reveal and/or hide Divi Builder elements at the click of a button. If you have an existing Divi Show / Hide Button module on your page, and would like to additionally have an image module on your page which triggers the same action as...

Divi Booster Resellers: legitimate or not?

Like other WordPress plugin developers, I work hard to provide the best my customers with the best products that I can, and aim to charge a fair price which allows me to provide ongoing support and development. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who seek to...

Show "Back to Top" button in Learndash Focus Mode

Learndash has a focus mode which provides students with a distraction-free view of the course content (e.g. lessons and topics). One useful feature of the Divi Theme that is normally hidden in focus mode is the 'Back to Top' button. Here's how to make Divi's 'Back to...

Fix Divi Header Overlapping the LearnDash Login Modal

Learndash includes a popup login / registration which is displayed when a user clicks the 'Login to Enrol' button on a course page. However, the popup box is displayed behind the main Divi header, preventing it from being fully seen on the page. Here's how to fix this...

Clearing Divi's Static CSS Cache

The Divi Theme caches the CSS styles that it generates, in order to improve site performance. If some of your styles aren't showing up as expected, it may be that Divi's static CSS cache is storing an old version of the site styles. If this is the case, it can be...

Optimizing Images in Divi

On many websites, images contribute significantly to slow load times. This post is a place for me to collect tips on optimizing images on Divi sites to increase page speed load times.Remove Images / Reduce Image Sizes An easy first step in reducing the impact of...

Set the Button Heading Level in Divi Show / Hide Button Text

The Divi Show / Hide Button lets you reveal and/or hide Divi Builder elements at the click of a button. If you want your show / hide button to double as the heading for the section it reveals, you may wish to set the button text to a heading level, such as an H2 or...

Fix Divi Video Slider Module not Displaying Videos

Divi comes with a built-in video slider module, which lets you display videos in a slideshow format with thumbnails below for easy switching between videos. If you find your videos are not displaying, leaving you with a blank space where the video should be, here is a...

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