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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Increasing the Size of Divi Button Icons

Divi allows icons to be added to the button module. By default the size of these icons is set by the height of the button text. Here is how to change the size of these icons. Increasing the Button Text Size A crude, but simple, way to increase the icon size is to...

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Divi Booster Tutorial Video

Divi user WillGo has kindly put together a detailed video showing how to use Divi Booster: Thanks to WillGo for taking the time to create and share the video!

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12 Things to Do With Every New Divi Install

So you decided to use the WordPress and Divi for your project and have already managed to successfully install it? If yes, hold on, because that's not all that you need to do to start. There are certain things that you should do with your every new installation. They...

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Make the Divi Sidebar Collapsible

Here's a tip for giving the Divi Theme a collapsible sidebar. It adds a button to left and right sidebar pages / posts which, when clicked, collapses the sidebar and converts the page / post to full-width. Clicking the button again restores the sidebar. The sidebar...

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Change the Centered Menu "Select Page" Background Color

The Divi Theme comes with several different header menu formats, including a "Centered" and "Centered Inline Logo" format. When either of these formats are used, the mobile version of the header has a long box which contains the words "Select Page" and a hamburger...

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Open Divi Map Module Pin Details by Default

Show your Map Module pin details on load without editing core files A common request I get is for a way to have the Divi Map Module pin details shown by default, without requiring the user to click the marker. Due to the way Divi generates its Google Maps, there is no...

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Changing the Divi Role Editor Defaults

The Divi Theme comes with a role editor that lets you control which user roles (administrator, editor, contributor, etc) can use which Divi features. By default, everyone has access to everything and you must explicitly disable any features you don't want accessed by...

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Open Image Links within Posts in a Lightbox

If your posts contain links to images, those images will open on their own within the browser window. This lets people view your images, but it doesn't look as nice as opening images in a popup lightbox. Fortunately, it is possible to convert images within Divi Theme...

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Adding Site-wide Breadcrumbs in Divi

My Divi Breadcrumbs Module plugin adds a new module to the Divi Builder, which makes it easy to add automatically generated breadcrumbs within your Divi Builder layouts. I've just released an update (version 1.0.5) to the plugin, which allows you to easily add...

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