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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Changing the Divi Role Editor Defaults

The Divi Theme comes with a role editor that lets you control which user roles (administrator, editor, contributor, etc) can use which Divi features. By default, everyone has access to everything and you must explicitly disable any features you don't want accessed by...

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Open Image Links within Posts in a Lightbox

If your posts contain links to images, those images will open on their own within the browser window. This lets people view your images, but it doesn't look as nice as opening images in a popup lightbox. Fortunately, it is possible to convert images within Divi Theme...

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Adding Site-wide Breadcrumbs in Divi

My Divi Breadcrumbs Module plugin adds a new module to the Divi Builder, which makes it easy to add automatically generated breadcrumbs within your Divi Builder layouts. I've just released an update (version 1.0.5) to the plugin, which allows you to easily add...

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How to Use Divi LearnDash Kit

Get the most out of LearnDash on Divi with Divi LearnDash Kit What is Divi LearnDash Kit? My plugin, Divi LearnDash Kit, aims to make it easier to use LearnDash on Divi, Extra and sites running the Divi Builder plugin. For a while now, LearnDash users have been coming...

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Displaying the Module Settings Mobile Icons on Hover

A lot of the module options in the Divi Theme come with the ability to set different values on desktop, tablet and mobile screen widths. These options can be accessed by clicking on a mobile icon which sometimes appears to the right of the option. Some options show...

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Changing the Footer Content Width on Mobiles

The Divi Theme comes with an option to set adjust the "content" width of your site. This lets you choose how wide your want your site's content to be (the default is 1080px). However, there is no equivalent option for setting the footer content width on mobile devices...

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Changing the Height of Divi Sliders

How to achieve responsive slider heights in Divi Setting the height of sliders in the Divi Theme (and other sites using Divi Builder) can be a surprisingly difficult task. Here's how to take control of your sliders and get them to display at the height you want on...

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A Distraction-Free EDD Checkout in Divi

Boost sales with a cleaner checkout page It's generally believed that cleaner, less cluttered checkout pages tend to lead to increased sales. If you're using Easy Digital Downloads with the Divi Theme, you may like to remove some of the unnecessary Divi components...

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