Add Links Beside Mobile Menu Button

On mobile devices the Divi theme collapses the header menu items into a dropdown menu, accessible via the mobile menu button. Sometimes though, it's useful to be able to add a link or two next to the mobile menu button, separate from the mobile menu, as shown:

This effect can be achieved using the following PHP code:

if (!class_exists('DBMobileNavLink')) {
	class DBMobileNavLink {
		private $text;
		private $url;
		static function create($text, $url) {
			return new self($text, $url);
		private function __construct($text, $url) {
			$this->text = $text;
			$this->url = $url;
		function registerHooks() {	
			add_action('et_header_top', array($this, 'outputLinkHtml'), 11);
			add_action('wp_head', array($this, 'outputCss'));
		function outputLinkHtml(){
			if ($this->visible()) {
					'<a href="%1$s" class="db_mobile_nav_link">%2$s</a>',
		private function visible() {
			if (is_customize_preview()) return true;
			if (!in_array($this->headerStyle(), array('slide', 'fullscreen'))) return true;
			return false;
		private function headerStyle() {
			return function_exists('et_get_option')?et_get_option('header_style', 'left'):'left';

		function outputCss() { ?>
			@media only screen and (max-width: 980px) {
				.db_mobile_nav_link {
					position: relative !important;
					display: inline-block;
					float: right;
					margin-right: 1em;
					margin-top: 0.2em;
				.et_pb_menu_hidden .db_mobile_nav_link {
					opacity: 0;
					-webkit-animation: fadeOutBottom 1s cubic-bezier(.77,0,.175,1) 1;
					animation: fadeOutBottom 1s cubic-bezier(.77,0,.175,1) 1
				.et_pb_menu_visible .db_mobile_nav_link {
					z-index: 99;
					opacity: 1;
					-webkit-animation: fadeInBottom 1s cubic-bezier(.77,0,.175,1) 1;
					animation: fadeInBottom 1s cubic-bezier(.77,0,.175,1) 1
			@media only screen and (min-width: 981px) {
				.db_mobile_nav_link {
					display: none;

DBMobileNavLink::create('Link 2', '')->registerHooks();
DBMobileNavLink::create('Link 1', '')->registerHooks();

The last two lines are the ones that actually add the links to the page, and can be modified to change the text / URL. They can be repeated to add more links. Note that the links will show in the reverse order from which they are added.

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