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The Divi Theme's blog module gives you the option of displaying featured images for each of the posts. By default, these images link to the post to which they relate. If you'd prefer that the images open in a lightbox, you can use the following jQuery code:

jQuery(function($) {
	$('.et_pb_blog_grid .entry-featured-image-url img').each(
			var $this = $(this);
			var src = $this.attr('src');
			var src_full_size = src.replace(/-(\d+)x(\d+)\.([a-z]{3})$/i, ".$3");
			var parent = $this.parent();
			parent.attr('href', src_full_size);
NB: that the code currently applies to the grid layout only.

The blog module uses a smaller version of the featured image, so the code above attempts to determine the URL of the original image.

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  1. Awesome, just what I was looking for – thanks!

    • You're welcome, Z3B!


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