Changing / Removing WooCommerce Password Strength Hint

The WooCommerce account registration form provides users with a "hint" explaining how long the password should be and what characters it should include.

‚ÄčThe WC Password Strength Settings plugin seems to have a feature for removing / changing the password hint.

Alternatively, it looks like it should be possible to change the hint using the password_hint filter, like so (I haven't tested this):

add_filter('password_hint', 'change_password_hint');
function change_password_hint($hint) {
  return "My new password hint";
It's also be possible to hide the hint using CSS, like so:
.woocommerce-password-hint { display: none; }

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  1. Hello,
    It's easier to use this filter, no?
    add_filter( 'password_hint', function( $hint )
    return __( 'MY OWN PASSWORD HINT' );
    } );

    got it from stackoverflow

    • Hey, Marcio. This does essentially the same thing as the first block of code in my post – changes the password hint value by using the "password_hint" filter – but with a couple of minor differences. First it uses an anonymous function, which has various advantages / disadvantages. It saves having to define a new function, but it also means no one else can later use remove_filter to remove your filter (could be a pro or con) and the code won't work on older versions of PHP (though probably not such a big issue now that WP is pushing PHP 5.6+). The other difference is your version makes the returned string translatable. I guess which is better (either of the PHP variants or the CSS code) will depend on individual use cases. Thanks!

  2. it works! thank you for sharing!

  3. I've test this on a staging site and it works pretty well. Thank you.


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