Changing the Divi Mobile Menu Font Size

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Here are several ways to change the font size for the Divi Theme's mobile menu,

Set the mobile menu font size in Divi Booster

Divi Booster includes an option to set the mobile menu font size. You can set it at:

​Divi > Divi Booster > Header > Mobile Header > Mobile menu font size

Note that the font-size is normally 14px, so setting a higher value will increase the font size, while a lower value will decrease it.

Here's an example of the result:

Set the mobile menu font size with CSS

You can use the following CSS to change the mobile menu font size:

.et_mobile_menu li a { font-size: 18px !important; }

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  1. Hi! How can I change space between menu items?
    Thanks Francesco

    • Hi Francesco, you should be able to change the vertical space between mobile menu items with this CSS:

      #mobile_menu li a {
          padding-top: 16px;
          padding-bottom: 16px;
  2. Thanks about your tips man, great help on Divi^^


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