Fix the Email Optin Module "Configuration Error" Message

Is your Divi signup form playing up? Here's how to get rid of the "Configuration Error" message.

If your Divi Email Optin form gives you (or your users) the following error message:

Configuration Error

The first thing to do is confirm that your email optin form api key and list are correctly set. Assuming they are and you still get the error, here's something to try…

Disable Caching on your Email Optin Form Pages

The "Configuration Error" message is triggered by Divi when the optin form's "nonce" value is incorrect. A nonce is a random value generated each time the optin form is displayed, and is typically used for things such as preventing the form from being submitted multiple times by accident.

I found that when the page with the optin form is cached (i.e. generated only once, not each time a user visits), the nonce is not updated. The result is that when caching is enabled, the form fails to submit.

To confirm whether this is the issue on your site, try temporarily disabling caching. Then reload the page with the signup form and submit it.

If caching was the issue, then the form should be working again.

Many caching plugins allow you exclude certain pages from being cached. This allows you to re-enable caching across your site and selectively disable it on the pages which have an email optin form.

How to disable caching for a particular page:

  • Cache Enabler plugin – you can exclude pages by entering their ids in the Cache Exclusions field of the settings page.

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