Make a Divi Button Popup a Calendly Widget


Calendly lets you manage your calendar and appointment scheduling. It includes an option to embed widgets within your website. While Calendly includes the option of embedding a popup, if you want the popup to be triggered by a Divi button, here's a way to do it.

Display a Calendly Widget in a Popup using Divi Shortcode Popup Module

You can create a Divi button which pops up a Calendly widget, as follows:

1. Install Divi Shortcode Popup Module – this lets you display any shortcode in a popup triggered by a Divi-style button.

2. Install Embed Calendly – a free plugin which generates a shortcode for Calendly widgets

3. Get your embed link from Calendly, e.g:


4. Add a "Shortcode Popup" module to your page, including your Calendly link in a shortcode like so:

5. (Optional) Add this CSS code into the "Divi > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS" box, as it will improve the look of the final popup:

.et_pb_db_shortcode_popup_popup_inner {
    overflow-y: initial !important;
.et_pb_db_shortcode_popup_popup_inner #calendly-inline-widget {
    min-height: 80vh;

6. Now view the page on the front-end and click the Divi Shortcode Popup button and you should see your Calendly widget displayed like so:

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