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Divi Show / Hide Button lets you reveal and/or hide Divi Builder elements at the click of a button. When a button has been clicked, it is considered 'active' and can be given additional styles. If you'd like to start a button in this 'active' state, here's how.

Enable the Show / Hide Button Active Option

To set the button to be active as soon as the page loads, enable the option at:

Show / Hide Button Settings > Content > Active State > Active

Note that when the button is subsequently deactivated, e.g. by clicking on it, the active state will be removed.

The option is available in Divi Show / Hide Button v1.3.9 onwards.

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  1. Hi Dan, Divi Show Hide Module is probably one of the best and most useful plugins I've ever used with Divi. Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome, Federico, and I’m very glad you like it! Thank you for all your feedback and help along the way :)

  2. Is there a way the initial active button can be disabled after I click another button?

      • That works, thank you so much.

        • You're very welcome, Geoffrey :)

  3. Maximum responsiveness from Dan here, thank you for this new feature !

    • You're welcome, Adrien :)


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