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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Divi Visual Editor: Adding a hover border to modules

The recent release of the latest version of the Divi Theme brings us the visual editor, a powerful new way to edit webpages directly. One of my favorite features of the visual editor is that it allows you, via a border which appears on hover, to see exactly where your...

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Divi Module Mate now Divi 3 Compatible

I recently released a new (and totally free) plugin for Divi, called Divi Module Mate.Find New Divi Modules with Divi Module MateDivi Module Mate makes it easy for you find custom Divi Builder modules created by third-party plugin developers. Why struggle with the...

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Divi 3.0 Released

Just in case you've somehow managed to miss it, I thought I'd let you know that Divi 3.0 has been released! Divi 3.0 introduces the new Visual Editor, allowing to make changes to your builder pages directly on your website itself. The ability to adjust padding and...

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Divi Booster and Divi 3.0

The latest update to the Divi Theme, version 3.0, is almost upon us (and may well be by the time your read this). The Divi 3.0 update's main enhancement to the theme will be the addition of the highly anticipated visual builder. The visual builder is a new way of...

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Clearing Custom Modules from the Divi Builder Cache

For developers of custom Divi modules, here's a quick tip that may save you some hassle along the way. Divi Builder caches modules in the browser's local storage to improve performance. However, as a custom module developer, you may find that changes you make to your...

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The Ultimate Divi Bundle

The Ultimate Divi Bundle To celebrate Divi Booster appearing in Elegant Themes' recent list of 10 awesome plugins for Divi, I've teamed up with the authors of four of the other plugins that very deservedly made the list. Together, we've put together what we think is...

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Changing / Hiding the “Select Page” Centered Menu Text

The Divi Theme comes with a range of header formats, including two "centered" layouts. When viewing these centered layouts on mobiles, the header menu is shown along with the "Select Page" text, e.g. If you'd like to remove or change this text, there are a couple of...

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How to add Code Snippets in Divi Builder

Code Snippet Module for Divi Builder My latest WordPress plugin, Code Snippets, adds a new module to Divi Builder. It lets you easily display source code within your Divi Builder posts and pages. Adds a new code snippet module to Divi Syntax highlighting of 150+...

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Get Rid of the Sidebar on Divi Builder Pages

One slight quirk of the Divi Theme is that once you've started using the Divi Builder, you can't change the page layout. As a result, if you started your page with a sidebar layout (for example), you can't easily switch to a full width, sidebar-less page layout. Here,...

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