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Latest Divi Theme Tips

Change the Divi Countdown Timer Labels

Replace the countdown timer module's "Day(s)", "Hour(s)", etc, text. The Divi Theme countdown timer module is a handy way to announce the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left until an event. The module doesn't currently give you an option to change the...

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Changing the Divi Phone and Email Icons

How to Replace the Phone / Email Icons with your choice of Icon. The Divi Theme secondary header lets you add a phone number and email address, and displays these along with a corresponding icon. However, there is no way to change the icon, should you want to do so....

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Enable Divi Builder by Default on New Posts / Pages

The Divi Theme gives you the option of using the Divi Builder drag and drop editor on your posts and pages. This is normally something you have to explicitly enable by clicking on the "Use Divi Builder" button on every single post / page you start. Wouldn't it be...

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Adding Breadcrumbs to the Divi Builder

A summary of the options for adding breadcrumbs to Divi and the Divi Builder. A common and useful feature of many websites is breadcrumb navigation links. Breadcrumb links are a list of links usually starting with the homepage and working down through more and more...

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Allowing Shortcodes in Divi URLs (Buttons, Images, etc)

The Divi Theme's many modules offer a range of opportunities for adding URLs to your page. Some examples include the button module and the image module. However these are limited to the static URL you type into the modules' settings. What if you want to use be able to...

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Customizing Divi Author Pages

The Divi Theme doesn't currently offer much in the way of options for customizing the author post listings pages (the pages that show all the posts by a single author). This post gives some options for styling the author post pages, which will hopefully give you a...

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