Add an Image Icon to the Divi Social Media Follow Module


Divi's social media follow module lets you add icons from a range of social networks into you pages, and Divi Booster adds approximately 300 additional icons. But what if you need an icon not covered by either. Here's how to add your own custom social media follow network icon images.

Adding a Custom Social Media Network using Divi Booster

Divi Booster adds a new "Image Icon" option to the social media follow module, which can be used to upload an image icon of your choice.

To use it, first add a new social network to your social media follow module (or edit an existing one):

Next set the social network to "Image Icon":
Now select the image to use for the icon:
If you like, you can also set a custom "Icon Title" used as the tooltip, displayed when the user hovers over the icon:
Now save the module settings, and the page. When you view the page on the front-end, you should now see your custom icon, like so:
Note that the image is not currently shown in the preview when editing in the Visual Builder. Instead, a placeholder icon is displayed.

This option is available from Divi Booster 3.5.3 upwards.

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  1. Sweet. Just added a few real estate related icons/links in the Social Media module and it came out perfect.

    • Great! I'm glad it helped, and thanks for the feedback, Randy. Much appreciated.


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