Adding Videos in Divi


If you're looking to enhance the video capabilities of your Divi site, here are some ways to help to enrich your multimedia delivery. Divi itself is equipped with robust modules to service your basic needs, but there are also add-on options that can take your video display to a new level.

To add videos to your Divi site, you can:

  1. Use Divi's built-in Video and Video Slider modules for easy video integration.
  2. Set videos as backgrounds via settings > Content > Background for visual effects.
  3. Explore the Divi Marketplace for more specialized video modules, plugins and layouts.

Built in Divi Video Modules

Divi's native Video module and the Video Slider module, seamlessly integrate into your Divi website and support a variety of formats, including .mp4 and YouTube, making basic video embedding a breeze.

Video Backgrounds:

You can also set videos as backgrounds in Divi's sections, rows, and modules with ease. Navigate to:

{element} settings > Content > Background 

to create dynamic backdrops, automatically running video content behind your text or other page elements for a layered visual effect.

Get Channel-Smart

For YouTube content creators, Divi Booster enriches the Video module by introducing an option to Limit YouTube Related Videos to the Same Channel. This handy feature keeps your audience tuned to your channel without the distraction of unrelated content.

Discover More in the Marketplace

For more specialized video features, explore items tagged as "video" in the Divi Marketplace. There are range of innovative video-related modules and plugins that can amplify your website’s video functionality.

If there's a particular video feature you're aiming to implement, let me know, and I will gladly direct you to a solution that aligns best with your needs.


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