Divi Booster Plugin FAQs

Can I use it on more than one site? What about my clients' sites?

Yes! Divi Booster is licensed for use on unlimited sites. This means you can install it on any or all of your own sites, and on any or all of your client's sites. But please don't share your copy of Divi Booster with others, or make it available online.

Is there an Affiliate Program?

Yes, there is a Divi Booster affiliate program paying out 50% on all Divi Booster sales.

How do I Install Divi Booster?

To install Divi Booster, do the following:

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to "Plugins > Add New"
  2. Select "Upload Plugin"
  3. Click "Choose File" and locate the Divi Booster plugin .zip file on your computer
  4. Click "Install Now"
  5. Click "Activate Plugin"

That's it, the Divi Booster plugin should now be installed on your blog.

Now to setup the plugin:

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to "Appearance > Divi Booster"
  2. Enter the license key from your purchase confirmation email and click "Activate License" (if it doesn't work the first time, click activate a second time). A green tick will appear once the license is activated.
  3. On the same page, click the section headings to expand and select the configuration options you want to apply to Divi.
  4. Click "Save Changes"

There's nothing else to do. If you visit your site you should see the changes to your Divi Theme.

How do CSS Hero and Divi Booster Compare?

The short answer is that CSS Hero and Divi Booster do different things. They can be used together and doing so will give you the most control over how Divi looks and behaves.

Here's the slightly longer answer. CSS Hero is a general-purpose tool for changing the look of a site via CSS. It makes it easy to do basic CSS tweaks to your site such as changing text color and alignment, font sizes, background colors. It excels at this and if that is all you need to do, it may be just the tool for you.

Divi Booster, on the other hand, has grown out of my work helping people solve their trickiest Divi customization problems. Many of these problems have come from smart people who know some CSS and are often already using CSS Hero. As such the problems I've been solving are typically ones which require a deeper knowledge of and control over Divi than CSS Hero (or anything else) can offer. Most of the fixes use a combination of CSS, JavaScript and PHP to achieve the desired effect. Divi Booster wraps these complex fixes into one easy-to-use plugin, so anyone can apply these fixes to their site regardless of their coding abilities (or lack of).

Divi Booster and CSS Hero work well together. Using both plugins will give you the most complete set of configuration options for Divi, letting you both take control of the basic look of your site and take it to the next level.

Where does Divi Booster put its CSS code? Does it get applied to the parent theme file or child theme? How do I modify the CSS for a Divi Booster feature?

Divi Booster doesn't modify the parent or child theme. Instead it creates and includes a separate CSS file (as well as a JavaScript file). It stores this in its own cache directory. It overwrites it whenever you save new settings, so don't add CSS to this file as it'll just get erased by the next save. The good thing about CSS is that it doesn't really matter where you put it, so you can add CSS in your own child theme (or wherever) and have it modify the Divi Booster CSS. If you'd like to see the CSS that Divi Booster is generating, go to the Divi Booster settings page and look under "Developer Tools > Generated CSS". There you can view the Divi Booster CSS file. You may want to temporarily use the "Disable minification" option to make the file easier to read.

Why do I get a blank screen when I click on wp_footer.txt or htaccess.txt in the Developer Tools section?

Some of the Divi Booster options work by adding code into the WordPress .htaccess file (which controls how URLs are processed) and/or at the end of the Divi page's HTML. This code gets stored in the two files you mention. If you haven't enabled any of the features which use these files, they will be empty. That's why when you click on them you're just getting a blank page – you're being shown the (empty) files.

Does Divi Booster work with WordPress multisite?

Not yet, but I'm working on it. Yes, the plugin is working with multisite, though I need to do more testing to make sure all the features are working correctly. If you spot any issues, please let me know. See here for the current status of Divi Booster multisite support.

Is this plugin provided / approved by Elegant Themes?

The Divi Booster plugin is an independent product which is not associated with, endorsed by, or supported by Elegant Themes.


  1. I see an option to add individual icons in Divi Booster. Can you edit the icons like the rest of the Divi icons? size, color, background, etc. (still evaluating your plugin)

    • Hey Tristan, it'll depend slightly on which module the icons are being used in, but in general the size can be set in the same way as the rest of the icons. Similarly, the background should work as long as your icon image has a transparent background itself. Changing the icon color is a different matter. The built-in icons are "font icons", meaning they are basically text, while the icons added in that Divi Booster option will be images. This means that the settings for changing the color of the built-in icons won't work on the added image icons. There isn't really a good general way to change the color of the image icons. I hope to be able to add something in the future (probably along the lines of the filter options Divi includes for the entire module area). I'll update here if / when I'm able to. In the meantime, the best I can suggest is to modify the colors of your icons in an image editing program prior to uploading. If you need any help getting your specific icons looking the way you want, let me know. Thanks!

  2. SVG Icon Does Not Show on Website
    By the Divi Booster Plugin, adding a new icon to my site. The SVG icon appears next to the icons, but when I am adding the wordpress DIVI site, it is not displayed. The icon on the site appears empty. My website: http://www.ibatepublicidade.com.br

    Because mine does not appear. The icon is in SVG.

    • Hi Paulo, it looks like the height wasn't being set properly on SVGs, causing them to be 0px tall and therefore not displayed. I've just released an update (Divi Booster 2.9.5) which I think should fix this. Let me know if you have any more issues with it. Thanks!

  3. I just received Wordfence notice: File contains suspected malware URL: wp-content/plugins/divi-booster/core/fixes/011-custom-css-media-queries/Mobile-Detect-2.8.11/Mobile_Detect.php
    Type: File

    Please advise, thanks!

    • Hi Pamela, despite how alarming this seems, there is nothing to worry about. Divi Booster includes a third-party library for detecting which browser is in use (as part of its CSS Manager feature). There is no issue with the code of either Divi Booster or this third-party library. Rather, the source code of the third-party library includes comments with a link to the manufacturer of each device it is capable of detecting. It seems that the website of one of the tablet manufacturers linked to by the library is being flagged by Google (and hence WordFence) as having malware.

      There is essentially no risk to Divi Booster users from this. The only way to be affected by this would be to have manually been browsing the source code of Divi Booster and then to go into the code for the third-party library and click on the link to this particular tablet manufacturer (Vonino). As long as you have not done that, your site will not have been affected in any way. I have just released Divi Booster 2.7.6 which removes the offending link.

      I hope that helps (and puts your mind at ease). Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, etc. Thanks!

  4. Why does the second button on the header sliders not work on any of my sites after WP and Divi updates. I have contacted support and no reply

    • you said my email address will not be published ???

      • Hi Declan, your email address has not been published. You entered your email address in the "Name" field of the comment form. This field is displayed on the site, so I removed your email address from this field prior to publishing the comment. Note that you will have seen a preview of the comment (along with the visible email address), prior to the comment being published. No one else is able to see this preview, however, and so no one will have seen your email address. I hope that makes sense!

    • Hi Declan, sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner. The recent Divi update made some changes to the slider which affected this feature. I have just released an update (v2.7.2) which should fix this. Let me know if it doesn't solve it for you. Thanks!

  5. After installing DIVI booster, I got blank footer and extra blank space on top of header.
    Nothing removed after uninstalling

    • Hi Mounes, I think two things might be going on here.

      First, Divi Booster has no way to keep affecting your site after it is uninstalled (by design it can only load its changes when it's actually running, and it doesn't modify your theme or other plugins directly). As you are still seeing the changes after uninstalling, it is likely that something (a performance plugin, cloudflare, your browser, etc) is caching your site. This post explains how to solve caching issues and should hopefully help you out:


      Second, for the blank footer and blank space above the header – it sounds like you may have had the following Divi Booster features enabled:

      • "Site-wide Settings > Layout > Add image before header"
      • "Footer > Replace footer links with this text / HTML"

      By default, there is no header image specified and no footer links specified – if you don't specify these you'll get blank space where they would otherwise appear.

      If you choose to re-enable Divi Booster, disabling these two options should get rid of the problems you were seeing. Note that you may need to clear the caches after doing so to see the changes.

      Let me know if you're still having problems after that.

  6. It will be very helpful to add some more options in the footer like paddings and margins sizes in all rows

    • Hi Gregory, thanks for the suggestion. It's definitely something I'll look into for a future version of the plugin.

  7. Hi,
    I picked up your excellent plugin a fe wmonths back.
    But tell me please, how do I get updates to Divi Booster – I think I have an older version…

    • Hi Enrico, to enable updates you first need to enter your license key on the Divi Booster settings page. Then you can get updates through your site's WordPress plugins page as you do with other plugins. You can use the "Check for Updates" link next to Divi Booster on the plugins page to force a check if the latest version isn't showing.

  8. Hello! I'm trying to update Divi Booster, but I can't figure out how to do so. I'm stuck on 1.0.8, but I need to update since I'm using Divi 2.4.3 now. Thanks for the (hopefully) quick reply!

    • Nevermind! I was trying to Activate with the wrong license number. It's working now!

      • Glad you got it working, Kevin!

  9. Hi Dan

    I purchased the Divi Booster and received the download link and activation key.

    I installed the plugin and pasted the activation key into the required area but no matter how many times I click ACTIVATE it still won't activate.

    Please help.

    • Hi Veronica, I had enabled Cloudflare to speed up my site, but it turned out it was blocking some sites from being able to contact my server to activate license keys. I've now disabled Cloudflare and everything should now be working. My apologies for the inconvenience and let me know if you still have problems with it. Thanks!

  10. Hi Dan,

    I'm having a major problem with comments not displaying which seems to be caused by DIVI Booster – when I disable the plugin they show.

    After some searching I found this css line which seems to be hiding the comments:

    .db_pagebuilder_for_posts.et_full_width_page article > :not(.entry-content) {
    display: none;

    Simply removing the 'display:none' messes up the formatting and doubles everything up for some reason, so that's not a solution.

    Here's a test post to see what I mean: http://prosoundformula.com/test-post-2/

    I've looked through all the settings and can't find anything that may fix this – can you take a look?

    Thanks very much,


    • Hi again Dan – update: I found that the plugin's automatic updates were not working since I bought it (version 1.4.9) and so downloaded the latest version (1.6.4) but still the same problem is there. Where the posted comments should be there's just a blank space. I even tried creating a new post from scratch but same issue.

      PLEASE get back to me ASAP as this is a vital part of the website.

    • Hi again Dan – sorry for all the comments – just to let you know that it suddenly seems to be working now, I can only think it was cacheing the old page after the update. You can delete all my comments now :)

      • Hey Rob, good to hear you got it working, and thanks for letting me know. Sorry I wasn't able to join in the conversation :)

  11. Having an issue with the booster – it isn't applying any of the changes that I select once saving. Is there a trick to this that I'm missing?

    • Hey George,

      If you've checked the boxes of the features you want enabled and clicked "save" at the bottom of the page, then the most likely cause is a caching issue. I've just added a post which gives some steps to help detect / fix caching issues:


      If this doesn't fix it let me know.


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