Remove Divi Theme Box Layout Shadow Lines

The Divi Theme comes with several layouts, including a "box" layout which places all your content within a bounding box. This box is distinguished from the background by a shadow effect. If you want to get rid of the shadow effect, you have a couple of options.

Disable Box Layout

if you want out of box layout altogether, you can disable it from "Appearance > Customize" by unchecking the "Boxed Layout" option shown (checked) below:

Remove the Box Shadow

If you like the way the content is laid out in the boxed layout, but just want rid of the shadow effect, you can remove the shadowing with the following CSS:

#page-container { -moz-box-shadow:none !important; -webkit-box-shadow:none !important; box-shadow:none !important; }

I've added an option to Divi Booster to remove the box shadow with a single click:

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  1. The tick-box didn't work for me, neither did the css snippet however changing #page-container to #et-main-area did work.

    Not 100% that's the right bit but it worked so I'm running with it ;)

    Great plugin btw.

    • Hey Peter, that's interesting – #page-container still works for me and #et-main-area doesn't… I'm glad you figured out what you needed to do to get it working on your site. If you're willing and able to do so, perhaps you could send through a link to the site you're using it on? I'd love to take a look and see why the difference / whether it's something I can address in the plugin. Thanks!

  2. Yayyy!! Thank you !

    • You're welcome, Rebecca!


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